Sell Hair Congratulations!

The fact that you have decided to change your hair, can not but please! Nego, young, beautiful girl always stick to the same image and be boring and monotonous. With a new haircut, you will attract the attention of everyone around you, collect a lot of compliments and find new fans.But don't say goodbye to the long hair for nothing.

We offer you to sell hair in the hands of a reliable buyer. Leaving curls on the floor in the cabin is just blasphemy. Think of how many people on the planet you can make a small contribution. After all, thousands of girls dream of getting such a length.

In addition, do not forget how much effort has been invested in your strands, how much time, patience and, of course, money. Your task is to pay for them completely!

We have some good news: you can earn on your transformation right now. The company "Charm Hair" offers the best conditions for the sale of strands in our reliable hands. We accept natural braids from 45 centimeters expensive, plus we will pick up your haircut and offer professional services (for those who have the opportunity to visit our salon in Kiev).

Get the most out of such a bold step, and you will definitely stay in the ladies - a new hairstyle and cash bonus.How much does it cost to sell hairTo find out the cost of cherry hair, please contact our managers in advance. The price will be formed depending on the length, condition, quality and structure of the strands.

Which hairs are expensive:

A long curl of 45 centimetres is always in demand. And the most expensive are strands of 70 cm and more;Natural braids that have not been stained and have not been involved in permuring procedures;The shade of strands does not play an important role, our company buys all kinds of colors, but the highest price can be obtained for a natural blond;Condition.

A good, expensive cut should be soft, pleasant to the touch, silky and have a healthy shine. Also, it is worth noting that we do not pay for the so-called "mouse" tails. Your curls should have one length, take care of it before cutting. Special attention should be paid to the presence of sectioned ends, it will have a strong impact on the cost.

Hair should not be with tangles, but well combed.Call the number indicated on the site and we will help you to sell your strands at a very attractive price. It's time to figure out where you'll spend the money you earn https://www.charm-hair.kiev.ua/!